Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Club

No one likes to repeat their dresses when hitting a club or partying especially if you happen to go out with the same set of friends. So, what do you do, buy a new piece of garment every time? Well not really... what if I tell you that you can mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe and reap amazing outfit ideas to wear at a party or club. Moreover, you don't have to spend hours before your wardrobe or big bucks to buy a new garment every time you want to go clubbing.

Before we go ahead with describing the outfit ideas to wear at a club, let's get to know what has to be our attire like. I mean every occasion calls for a specific dress code, doesn't it? You can't be wearing a bikini when you attend a wedding; there are certain dressing norms one has to keep up to. Most clubs require a certain look and it is important to look fashionable. Moreover, a club is a place where you enjoy yourself, de-stress yourself and most of the time, get drunk, so it ought to be comfortable as well. Therefore, clubbing attire must have an oomph element attached to it that can make heads turn at the club, yet be cool and comfortable. So, let's see what we have in store for you.

Club Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

Most women look at a black mini dress as an ideal pick to wear at a club. And how true it is! It makes you look elegant, hides your flaws and accentuates your body's features. However, instead of black; ravishing red, bold royal blue and chic pink are colors that will make you stand out from the crowd at the club. Remember if you opt for bright and bold colors, keep your accessories and shoes subtle, it just completes your entire ensemble. If you are not comfortable showing your skin; a one shoulder loose top coupled with tights is a fantastic option.

Black Blue-Dress Black-Mini-Dress
Sultry Chic Bold and Beautiful

A sleek pair of denim, mini skirts and shorts with high heel boots will definitely make you stand out in crowd. Another idea is to play with your scarf and style it in a way like never before. A colorful scarf can add life to a basic dress and make you look stylish. There are various ways in which you can don the scarf and make a smart style statement.
  • Boots-Skirts Scraf Skinny-Denims
  • Flirtatious Smart Sassy
When you go to a club, the most important thing you have to be careful about is your shoes. You can't be wearing regular walking shoes, they might not let you in the club. Open-toed stilettos to pretty pump shoes are the best bet for the night. You can team a basic black outfit with footwear in vibrant colors like pink, red or purple. The rule of thumb is to create some contrast, it is amazing how colors can make all the difference. Coming to accessories, never wear them because you have them. Make sure they match your outfit and enhance your look. A wrong combination can ruin the entire look. Keep it simple yet classy.

For men, the best option is a semi formal look. A well-fitting shirt and a good pair of jeans is a good idea. If you have a good physique, you are sure to pull off anything and everything fantastically. The problem arises when you try to hide your protruding belly and you should 'coz it is a major turn off. A biker look in that case is a good option. Black leather jacket and fitted denims just add to the mood of the club.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Dress Well on a Tight Budget

It is very important that we dress well and look presentable everyday. Even if we wouldn't like it to be that way, first impressions are quite frequently the last impressions. Take a very simple example. You go to a cafe to meet a guy for the first time. The first thing you notice when you set your eyes on him is what he is wearing. What is he wearing? Is he properly dressed? Are the clothes in vogue? Are they well coordinated? It is the same case when we go on an interview. Guys should wear neatly polished shoes, ironed pants and prim shirts. Girls should see to it that their footwear and bag are well coordinated and goes with the outfit. The files, folders we carry, and the papers within them, should not have dog-ears.

This might be quite a daunting aspect for those of you who have a tight budget. How can you possibly afford to spend all your money on just one dress or one bag, or one pair of jeans? Well, here is the good news - you don't have to. One can look equally well-dressed by having to dish out a lot less money, and I am here to tell you how to do that. Find out how to dress well on a tight budget as you read on...

6 Sassy Tips!

Quite contrary to the popular belief, dressing well on a tight budget is absolutely possible. All it needs is a little bit of planning, and the correct information. Here are 6 sassy tips on how to dress well on a tight budget.

1] Store Brands
Store brands offer a range of clothing apparel and at much cheaper rates than high fashion brands. You would be saving a lot of money if you go in for such brands. Store brands usually offer something I like to call practical and affordable fashion. The styling of the clothes is pretty good. Most importantly, they are good on the pocket. Alfani (store brand of Macy's), NOBO i.e. No Boundaries (store brand of Walmart) are some such examples. Good quality fashion at affordable prices is what you will find at such stores.

Tip: Take a market survey and find out which are the best store brands available around your place. Pay a visit to as many as you can before you start picking stuff - you do not want to spend money on something you half liked only to discover something else in a different store that you like much more! Remember, you are on a tight budget.

2] Discounts and Sales
Make the most of discounts and sales when different stores and brands come up with them. The 'Sale' period is when you can get a really good bargain on the high fashion brands. However, chances are that even with discount, some brands may exceed your budget. The best thing to do at such times is to be prepared. Save up some cash so that you can spend it on such sales.

Tip: Keep a tab on the different high fashion brands around your place and when they have sales. A good way to do that would be to subscribe to (or lend from the local library) some good fashion magazines. Usually big brands announce their sales in magazines or in the newspapers. Keep your eyes open!

3] Modify
Who said just because clothes are old you have to dish them out? With a little bit of creativity (and a little bit of help from a fashion designer friend, if you have one) you can revamp your old clothes and make them look brand new! You can even buy plain clothes and modify them to suit your taste. Flea markets would be a good place to look at for knick-knacks to modify your clothes - beads, strings, scarves, anything. Here is one idea: you can take an old shirt and stitch hoops on the sides. Hang a beaded belt in it, and you have a chic new shirt!

Tip: Study different clothes crafted by fashion designers and try to understand their styles. Try to think of suitable replacements and adapt the same style in your own clothes. It will also serve to boost your creativity. Begin with a plain dress and jazz it up with sequins. An old pair of jeans can be cut to give you cropped pants or capris. Think MAD!

4] Fast Fashion
One of the biggest advantages of fast fashion brands is that they are affordable. They do not compromise on the style and fashion in any way in their bid to be affordable. So fast fashion could be a good go-between for dressing well on a tight budget. Zara is one of the leading fast fashion brands. If you take a look at their catalog or even take a tour of their website, you will be amazed at the different styles and fabrics they offer, at prices that make your wallet smile! Give it a thought.

Tip: Fast fashion sells like hot pancakes! So make sure to visit the store regularly so that you get the best pick on all different kinds of apparel. It would be a good idea to take a look at the websites of different fast fashion brands to have a cost-comparative account with you.

5] Capsule Wardrobe
The ultimate solution to dressing well on a tight budget would be to maintain a capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe has all the essential types of apparels, but in such colors and patterns that they can be very easily and efficiently mixed and matched with each other so that you get a new look every time. The best thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it cures shopaholism! You would be surprised at the number of different looks you can work up with only a set number of different clothes - try it! It is amazing.

Tip: Work out the different kinds of clothes that you like to wear, the clothes you wear the most, etc. before you go shopping for your capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe of a teenager, a college student, a businesswoman, a working mom and a housewife would all be different. So plan and execute.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Dress Like a Celebrity

Is it possible to find someone who doesn't dream of looking as dishy as all the glam dolls out there? However, it is also true that people won't readily admit to having been bitten by the "celebrity dressing bug" at some point in their lives. Now that you have fallen prey to it, here are a few celebrity dressing styles. Pick one that you can identify with, and get started. Things you'll need are observation skills and some of that sassy celebrity attitude.

How to Dress Like your Favorite Celebrity

The Classic Look
Women Classic LookMen Classic Look
This dainty look is eternally stylish. Think of single-hued clothes with a perfect fit. Team it with complementary and not clashing accessories. The classic look includes knee length dresses and skirts for the ladies, and the well-cut trouser-jacket-shirt combination for the gentlemen. Your celebrity inspiration: Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, George Clooney, Matt Damon in recent times.

The Bohemian Look
Women Bohemian LookMen Bohemian Look
A complete no frills look, the bohemian style is not for everyone. Long, flowing dresses with matching headscarves define the boho-chic look. If not worn well, this look can give off an unkempt vibe. Is it possible to look effortlessly laid-back, and yet utterly charming? Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson prove that it is.

The Drab Look
Women Drab LookMen Drab Look
What a delight! Celebrities without makeup, in the rattiest of outfits, proof enough of them being humans, after all. All you will need to copy this look are sweat pants with a dull t-shirt and sneakers. Think of Britney Spears and pull your baseball cap low as you watch the paparazzi go berserk!

The Grunge Look
Women Grunge LookMen Grunge Look
A black t-shirt with graphic print? Check. Ripped jeans? Check. Black leather jacket? Check. Boots? Check. Smudged your eyes, ladies? Your grunge look is ready. A warning, though - as long as you don't identify with Taylor Momsen or Courtney Love, leave this look to the teens, please.

The Red Carpet Look
Women Red Carpet LookMen Red Carpet Look
The most difficult and expensive look to end it all. Months of effort goes into preparing for a special event. Flawless skin, the finest clothing, along with an army of specialists are behind a successful red carpet moment. Scale it down to your "micro level" and it is possible to pull off this look with vintage dresses or tuxedos from thrift stores. Add a signature splurge to it, and you're raring to go. Your inspiration? Bond movies, all the way!

Tips on Celebrity Dressing

Is it a mere coincidence that all our favorite movie stars manage to ace the look even when they step out shopping for sundries? Why is it that an animal print dress looks so glamorous on a celeb, but Mowgli-esque on us lesser mortals? Here's a comprehensive cheat guide on how to dress like a celebrity.

Watch and Learn
The keyword here is observe, observe and observe. Each celebrity has his or her carefully crafted image that they ferociously cling on to. Have you ever spotted George Clooney in flip-flops? Or Jennifer Aniston in a color other than black, white or beige? If there is any celebrity in particular that you look up to, do take the effort to learn their sartorial preference. While imitation may be the best form of flattery for some, blind followers of celebrity fashion are doomed. So please don't think that Rihanna's leotards are apt for a weekend party with friends, unless it's Halloween. It would be a good idea to stock on some classic wrap dresses like Kate Middleton or fitted black jackets for the men (think Ocean's series). Such options are considered safe, and are flattering on most body types. It is crucial not to let your personality hide under layers of celebrity-inspired attire.

Accessories equal celebrity status. What immediately comes to our mind are big sunglasses, statement jewelry, oversized handbags and chunky timepieces. Victoria Beckham is never caught dead without her oversized sunglasses in the daytime while Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw gave a whole new dimension to stylish footwear with her towering Manolos. Thankfully, accessories are those little lifesavers that will come to your rescue without burning a hole in your pocket. You can get a range of wonderful accessories like shoes, belts, bags, shades, hats and scarves for less, that will help you jazz up your outfit in no time. Point to be noted - piling on accessories will make you look like a Christmas tree. Make sure your accessories blend in with your outfit, instead of sticking out.